We started cooking because we wanted to create a better eating habit for our children and the whole family. Nothing beats freshly home-cooked meal and we realised how it brings joy to us and people around us. We love how food brings people together, how stories are told over dinner or how problems solved during a festive lunch.

UMAUMA started from our dream to create a delightful homey space which provides healthier awesome foods that can be shared for family. While planning for our eatery, we were closely involved in designing the interior and carefully curated the things we want to put at our place to complete our dream space. Having too much fun doing this, we decided to sell some of the stuff we love. The selections of home decor and plants sold at UMAUMA shop are handpicked to help our customers make their living space more of a home.

We came up with #sehatandikit because even though we know healthier lifestyle is trending, we also know that some of us are just getting started, or even not sure where to start.

UMAUMA is here to help you eat better with more familiar & healthier food that still has kicking flavors, where most of the food are made from scratch. Let’s start #sehatandikit movement, one day at a time.